Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Life My Words

Let me introduce you to myself, my name is Terence Leo Dawson. trying figure out why did my parents or family keep that name. I like my name but still keep thinking why such a different name. currently tied with my elder brothers to be precise u could say family business, working in our office seems to be a different exposure to life. done my schooling from St.Paul's High School Hyderguda, Hyderabad (the best days of life), then moved onto plus 2 or inter or what so ever u call it from Little Flower Junior College Uppal (better days of life), and then graduation from Bhavan's New Science Degree College Narayanaguda, Hyderabad(never ever been to college), and then finally post graduation from annamalai university, Annamalai Nagar, Chennai(unforgettable experiences). Hello don't think its over there is still more in between tried to attempt Chartered Accountancy thrice but still high hopes to clear it and become a certified CA for two reasons, will tell u gradually, tried my hand various software courses in the field of accounts but yielded no results. common lets get ahead tryin to regain the lost memory of the by gone years.

Born on September 27th 1984 into the Dawson's family(the best I could get), don't remember much about ma early childhood but wat elder say that I was child who was roguish, by nature still feel the same. Remember the day first day at school, I was surrounded by so many children crying never knew what to do so I started crying out of emotion my nursery teacher's name as far I remember is Mrs. Rita slowing started to love the school, my watchman so friendly how I could forget him Shaik Ali one person who I will never forget such a lovely person. Mom used come daily to school with a big bag filled with lots of hot hot food for my elder brothers and of course me, my brothers study in the same school as I did. I had half a day school mom used to wait at the gate near a tamrind tree sitting on the pavement. Then pick me up and go to my elder brothers school which was a walking distance(we had different buildings for primary section and higher section) and stay in the underground cellar of the high school building near Khan Saab he was our school cycle stand care taker such lovely person he was, there we used wait for both my brothers to arrive and then have food. Once the lunch bell rang mom and I were to leave the school campus and head towards home, here I had loads of friends, me being the meanest of the bunch.

man tired of writing will be updating it soon very soon